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I-Club ($50-249)
Century Hawks ($250-599)
Bronze Hawks ($600-1,199)
Silver Hawks ($1,200-2,499)
Golden Hawks ($2,500-5,999)
Champion Hawks ($6,000-9,999)
Kinnick Society ($10,000-14,999)
Kinnick Society Gold ($15,000 and above)
To cover per-seat requirements and to receive I-Club recognition and priority points for other athletics benefits (seat selection, parking, and early access to purchase tickets), please select the I-Club Fund. 
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Most matching gift companies will only match the charitable or tax-deductible portion of a contribution.  I-Club recognition and priority point credit will only be applied to one's account once the matching gift itself is received and processed. June 30 is the priority seating and parking deadline for football and men’s basketball.  A matching gift will only count in your I-Club recognition and point total if your company's gift has been received by this date. Please consult with your employer to determine if you qualify for a company match based on that information.

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Your employer may multiply your contribution through a matching gift program. Contributions to the I-Club Fund are not tax deductible; however, contributions to the Hawkeye Fund and Iowa Scholarship Fund are fully tax deductible.

Please check with your company Human Resources department for the most up-to-date guidelines regarding athletic gift matching.

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